The One Who Deserves to Be Skip Beat! : Season 1 Episode 21

TV-PG TVh int(0)


Kyoko landed a role in Dark Moon, the re-make of Tsukigomori, a drama that was popular 20 years ago, and the actors and the director in the current drama wish to surpass Tsukigomori. Ren is also in the drama as Katsuki (with Kyoko as Mio, though she only accepted the role when Ren declared his being in the drama; she had not wanted to take on the role initially because she wouldn't be a "refined, rich lady"). Kyoko runs into trouble (Ms. Iizuka, who played Mio in Tsukigomori and plays Mio's mother in Dark Moon). She is questioned of her role. However, Kyoko is unable to answer one of the questions and Ms. Iizuka wants to fire her.

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