The Day the World Shattered Skip Beat! : Season 1 Episode 22

TV-PG TVh int(0)


Kyoko was given some time to think about her character, Mio, thanks to Ren. Ren also gives Kyoko a hint of why Mio would hate Mizuki but she still has a hard time understanding the cruel rich lady that she's playing. While talking with Ren's manager and thinking about the role, she finally discovers her Mio and runs off. (Yashiro tells Kyoko that Ren is in love with her, but Kyoko did not hear as she was busy thinking about the role). When Yashiro tells everyone that she's gone, Ms. Iizuka thinks that Kyoko run away from work and demands that Director Ogata fire Kyoko, but Ren persists in believing in her and persuades the director to wait. When Kyoko comes back she arrived with her own short hair colored black. When Ren calls her, she seems to be reading the Dark Moon script and ignores him.

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