The Danger Zone Skip Beat! : Season 1 Episode 5

TV-PG TVh int(0)


The manager of the singing section comes and tells Sawara and Kyoko that he had heard about the 'Love-Me' section and has her first job. All the contestants eliminated in the recent audition vented their anger by spitting out their chewing gum on the ground, so Kyoko must clean it. Due to her anger, she cleans up the gum and waxes the entire area. She just finishes when L.M.E. workers come and slip on the floor because it is too waxy. Sawara gives her 10 points saying she needs to try harder. She sits on the stairs sulking when someone knees her in the head. It turns out to be Ruriko, a L.M.E. idol who decides she has a job for Kyoko. Ruriko hires Kyoko to protect her while they are driving in the car up to an acting job. The car breaks down and Kyoko and Ruriko must walk. After five minutes Ruriko states that she can't walk anymore so Kyoko starts to carry her up the mountain. Kyoko then falls and sprains her ankle and Ruriko walks the last few feet on her own.

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