An Invitation to the Ball Skip Beat! : Season 1 Episode 6

TV-PG TVh int(0)


After the shock of being picked up, Kyoko tries to struggle but then has no choice due to her injured ankle. Ren places her on the house because she kept on complaining, and his manager helped bandage Kyoko's ankle and asked if Ren always treated her this way. While answering, she felt an evil presence, which turns out to be Ruriko who had just witnessed Ren carrying Kyoko "like a princess" and was extremely jealous. Ruriko throws tantrums and after being infuriated by the coolness of Ren towards her and the lack of approval by the director for her portrayal of a "lady", she declares that she quits, saying that if he wanted a hard working amateur, he might as well pick Kyoko, who would do anything for points. Instead of being pleaded to stay like by all her previous directors, this one took up her 'suggestion' after Kyoko, enraged by Ruriko's attitude, agrees to the idea. Kyoko quickly proves herself a perfect lady after her training in Sho's family business, and impresses everyone on set. However the next scene requires her to kneel for the tea ceremony, which will inflict more pain on her injured ankle.

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